Construction Materials  ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete panels) Contributing to a wide range of construction projects through a specialist supply network and installation capabilities for ALC, functional materials with outstanding fire resistant and insulating properties

SMKC regards ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete panels) as a key material in terms of catering to wide-ranging demand in the construction industry, underpinned by the networks and credit strengthes of the Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Group and the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

Strengths of  SMKC ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete panels)

  1. A commitment to ALC

    Having had a hand in the ALC business for many years, SMKC has built up a close relationship with Sumitomo Metal Mining Siporex. SMKC also offers in-house installation of ALC, within a limited area, and has the accumulated expertise to contribute to a whole host of different projects, as well as supplying materials to the likes of house builders and construction companies.

  2. A faster approach to construction projects

    Working in partnership with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation enables SMKC to adopt a faster approach to clients such as job owners and design firms. Thanks to established sales channels such as major construction companies, SMKC can offer solutions in conjunction with equipment and material manufacturers in the early stage, which in turn helps to maintain a higher order rate.

Benefits of SMKC ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete panels)

Onsite-focused in-house installation services

SMKC offers in-house installation management services that cater effectively to a wide range on onsite needs, as well as ensuring safety and quality.
SMKC can help to progress any project, by ensuring that day-to-day tasks are carried out smoothly, for instance, or offering onsite solutions.

Precise delivery dates in line with construction schedules

SMKC ensures precise deliveries in line with strict construction schedules, for customers such as major house manufacturers and builders, and uses its own unique expertise to ensure that it delivers on time.

Examples and projects

ALC panel installation
ALC (exterior)
ALC (partition)

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